Call for Research

Impact of Monetary Innovation and Complementary Currencies in Switzerland


Our purpose is to gather, study, disseminate and support the pluralism of Swiss currency systems at a municipal, cantonal, national, and international level:

  • Gather all the diversity of currency systems in Switzerland.
  • Study the art and practice of monetary innovations in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Disseminate some relevant publications among its stakeholders.
  • Support interdisciplinary research and education for their improvement.


Switzerland has always been considered as one of the most democratic, peaceful and stable country in the world, with high requirements in terms of privacy protection, neutrality and independency. Historical stable economic, monetary, and direct democracy voting systems is in the heart of Switzerland, an ideal environment for monetary innovation:

  • Monetary innovation laboratory with 11 local currencies and 49 mutual credits for 8.465 millions inhabitants in 2017.
  • Oldest and biggest modern complementary currency in the world, the WIR, created in 1934, with a network of 40’000 organizations in 2017.
  • Cross-border mutual credit and issued currency, the Léman, created in 2015 in the Swiss-French Greater Geneva conurbation and using blockchain technology.
  • International FinTech center for cryptocurrency, called Crypto Valley and funded in 2017, is in the Greater Zurich Area, specifically the Zug canton.


FINMA · Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

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